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I can fight like Batman

Ever watched the Bourne Ultimatum and thought…I can fight like Jason Bourne. Probably better.

This isn’t just some idol boast. This comes from raw fact. That raw fact being that I used to have a pair of shorts at Primary school with a belt on them and that belt was DEFINITELY the equivalent of Batman’s belt with the grappling hook. I have now got to a point in my life where I know that that was reality. And despite being 28 years of age, I am pretty confident that I used to be Batman. Or at least have his powers.

My evidence comes from the following. I have a mole on my leg that is still there now and I can clearly remember wearing my shorts to school, looking at my mole, glancing at my belt, then back at the mole again and then suddenly going into a ball and next thing i know I’m on the roof of the school reeling in my batman grappling hook from the belt of my shorts. The mole is real, ergo  ‘I was Batman as a child’.

Now I’m only mentioning this now because I’m watching the Bourne Ultimatum and Jason Bourne fighting is bringing back memories of my heady days where I used to press a button on the belt of my shorts and BANG. Im on that roof again. And I think it is important to reminisce from time to time. Im tempted to call this Reminisce Mondays. But I think I can come up with something better than that. So for now, it is what it is. Me, shorts, belt, mole, grappling hook.

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